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For rappers, wealth doesn’t always rhyme with health

Fat Joe lost more than 100 pounds after fellow rapper Big Punisher died following a heart attack in 2000. (Maury Phillips/Getty Images) Rappers are known for their ill rhymes and sometimes extravagant wealth, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into physical health. “Feel Rich,” a documentary that asks members of the hip-hop community how they stay healthy, suggests that the benefits Read More

How to Avoid Bug Bites

No matter how comfortable or relaxed you feel when sitting outside, those good feelings won’t last long when you find yourself surrounded by bugs. Biting bugs like mosquitoes can swarm around and make you feel so uncomfortable that you stick to sitting inside by the AC instead of enjoying the breeze outside. Though some people will tell you that living Read More

Google spent over $1 billion on self-driving technology: Report

Google has been reluctant about sharing how much it spends on self-driving technology but now, the number — over $1 billion — has been accidentally revealed while reviewing documents in the ongoing legal tussle between Google’s Waymo and Uber. Google spent a whopping $1.1 billion on developing its self-driving software and hardware, says the recent deposition of Shawn Bananzadeh, a financial Read More

Puravankara’s ‘Big Online Home Fest’ to boost to real estate after RERA

The high spirit in the real-estate market is making a comeback after a lull and leading builders Puravankara are going all out to make it a bang for customers. The real estate giant’s ‘Big 72-hours Online Home Fest’ is making housing affordable for customers across the country.The three-day online home fest is bringing all properties of Puravankara and its premium Read More

Meet the Twitter mafia in health and fitness-tech

A LinkedIn search revealed that more than 20 former Twitter employees are now at health, fitness and bio-tech start-ups. The vast majority of them joined or founded these companies in the past two years, in the midst of Twitter’s well-documented executive shakeup. This list includes but is not limited to: Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, who’s now running a fitness app called Read More

Tamil Nadu govt mulling slew of changes in real estate sector

In the post-RERA Era, Tamil Nadu could become one of the first states to overhaul its existing housing policy, as the government plans changes to existing guidelines surrounding land-pooling, low-cost housing and project approvals Doing business in Tamil Nadu’s real estate sector is set to get a lot easier, provided a list of proposals gets the state government nod.   Read More

Robert Pattinson almost quit Hollywood for a nomadic lifestyle

Robert Pattinson had once considered giving up everything to live in a camper van. Hollywood actor Robert Pattinson has revealed he considered ditching his London home in favour of living in a camper van. The ‘Twilight’ star said when he is not shooting films he just goes around east London on a pushbike and he almost made a Stealth van Read More

What’s so healthy about a Mediterranean diet?

Adiet with a name that conjures up memories of suppers in the sunshine, the Mediterranean diet plan celebrates the fresh, colourful produce of a region that boasts an enviable life expectancy. Hence why it has been heralded as one of the world’s best diets – but what makes Med cuisine so healthy? What is a Mediterranean diet? The diet plan consists mostly of fruit, Read More

MissionU raises $8.5M to build an alternative one-year education program

Adam Braun, a consultant-turned-educational non-profit founder, will say he’s had a lot of good fortune that’s helped him position himself in a way to see the education system from a birds-eye view — and hopes he can help address the problem of student debt with a venture-backed startup. That’s why Braun, with his experience at Bain and then at Pencils Read More

‘GST has hit business climate’

Frequent changes in rates and procedures can affect investments, warn experts Just over two months since the nationwide rollout of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), tax rates on almost a 100 items have undergone changes. Besides, a raft of clarifications and notifications have been issued. All this has prompted companies and tax consultants to complain about the dampening impact Read More