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Samsung Announces ‘Corporate Privilege Programme’ Sale for Corporate Employees in India

HIGHLIGHTS Samsung Corporate Privilege Programme sale lasts until January 31 It brings offers on various smartphones and consumer electronics products Samsung has built a dedicated online store section to offer various deals Samsung India on Tuesday launched its special sale under the Corporate Privilege Programme for over two million corporate employees from over 500 of the top companies in the country. Read More

Acer Launches New Chromebox, Chromebook Laptops

HIGHLIGHTS Acer Chromebook Spin 11 is a successor to the R 11 laptop Spin 11 has 360-degree hinge, 11 C732 has 180-degree hinge Chromebox CXI3 is powered by an Apollo Lake 8th generation Intel SoC Acer has announced three new Chrome OS devices for 2018 at the Bett show in London. Acer has announced the Chromebook Spin 11, Chromebook 11 C732, Read More

Traumatic brain injury linked to dementia risk even after 30 years

People who suffer a traumatic brain injury – occurring when an external force injures the brain – may be at increased risk of developing dementia even after 30 years, says a study. A traumatic brain injury, also known as intracranial injury, is the leading cause of death and disability worldwide, especially in younger individuals and has also been associated with Read More

Study on muscle memory could impact athletes caught using performance-enhancing drugs

Periods of skeletal muscle growth are “remembered” by the genes in the muscle, helping them to grow larger later in life, said the study published in the journal Scientific Reports. The research can have important implications in how athletes train, recover from injury, and also has potentially far-reaching consequences for athletes caught cheating. “If an athlete’s muscle grows, and then Read More

Heart patients, take note. Vitamin D3 may heal damage to heart

If you are suffering from a heart disease, treatment with Vitamin D3 might help restore the damage done to your cardiovascular system, says a new study. Vitamin D3 is produced naturally when skin is exposed to the sun or through over-the-counter pills. Several diseases, including high blood pressure, build-up of fats, cholesterol in and on the artery walls, and diabetes, Read More

Regular exercise and getting enough sleep can help lower blood pressure naturally

People with high blood pressure often need several medications, but it turns out, lifestyle changes can ratchet it down too. According to the Daily Express, here are four ways to naturally lower your blood pressure: – Regular exercise: It could help lower your blood pressure. Exercise could range from intense sport, to simply going for a walk. – Get more sleep: Not Read More

Heavy periods may soon become history, new drug tricks womb into healing faster

According to a recent study, heavy periods might soon become a thing of the past. The University of Edinburgh researchers have developed a new drug that tricks the womb into healing faster, which stops your bleeding sooner, reports The Independent. The scientists explored how the shedding of the endometrium (the womb lining) is linked to dropping levels of oxygen during Read More

Are these 10 common home remedies effective cures or myths? We find out

In India, chances are, for every health issue you face, there’s a home remedy that will supposedly cure you. Whether it’s a fever or a pimple, there are multiple treatments professed by various zealous people. But are they all old wives’ tales or are they backed by science? We ran some common, popular beliefs by experts and this is what Read More

Politics and medicine: Vaccine attitude rises and falls with ideology

Political views and a person’s trust in the government play a role in whether or not they get vaccinated, a study has found. A person’s ideology directly impacts who they trust, allowing the person to selectively credit information related to vaccine risks and benefits in ways that reflect their ideology, said researchers at the University of Idaho in the US. Read More

Newly found mechanism could lead to preventing allergic reactions

Scientists have found a new mechanism in which an antibody can prevent allergic reactions in a broad range of patients. The breakthrough could pave the way for a far more effective allergy medicine. The antibody interacts in a complex biochemical process in the human body by which it prevents the human allergy antibody (IgE) from attaching to cells, thus keeping Read More