5 Foods That Will Help You Get Rid Of A Runny Nose

5 Foods That Will Help You Get Rid Of A Runny Nose

A runny nose can be quite annoying. It could be due to weather change, flu or other external factors. It can be quite contagious and some of its common symptoms include excessive sneezing , coughing, sore throat and mild headaches. After getting hold of this uneasy phenomenon, we often resort to those heavy doses of antibiotics to get rid of the same. However, there are few foods that could possibly help you get rid of a runny nose in a natural way. Here’s a list of those 5 foods that can come to your rescue while suffering from a runny nose. Read on to know more about them.

1. Green Tea

Green tea is loaded with flavonoids which have anti-inflammatory properties. It can help in boosting the immune system and can make you feel healthy and warm from inside. Having a cup of organic green tea could provide with significant relief from a runny nose.

green tea

2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C rich foods can turn out to be quite beneficial for your health since vitamin C is known to provide strength to the immunity system. Fruits such as papaya, oranges, strawberries and melons are some of the various sources of vitamin C.

vitamin c

3. Honey

Honey has antibacterial agents which can keep many diseases at bay. You can have honey along with warm milk or lukewarm water in order to rid of a runny nose.


4. Blueberries

They are packed with the most active antioxidants which can enhance the immunity system to a great extent.  You can add blueberries in your breakfast meals or can eat them raw as well.


5. Garlic and Onion
Both the ingredients have antibacterial properties which fight against the symptoms of flu. You can have both of them in the form of a healthy nourished soup.

garlic and obion

Add these foods to your daily diet and get rid of a runny nose in the most natural way.