How to Avoid Bug Bites

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No matter how comfortable or relaxed you feel when sitting outside, those good feelings won’t last long when you find yourself surrounded by bugs. Biting bugs like mosquitoes can swarm around and make you feel so uncomfortable that you stick to sitting inside by the AC instead of enjoying the breeze outside. Though some people will tell you that living with bugs is just a natural part of life, others have allergic reactions from bug bites and can actually become sick. Whether you get sick or just hate bugs, you can still avoid bug bites.

Eliminate Standing Water

The number one reason why there are so many mosquitoes swarming around your lawn is because those bugs have an attraction to water and you have standing water outside. After a storm passes through, you expect to see some puddles on your lawn. Though you assume that the sunlight will dry up those puddles, you should always take the time to remove that water yourself. Removing any water features like ponds or fountains around your yard can help too. If nothing in your yard attracts those mosquitoes, you won’t suffer any bites.

Use the Right Products

Using the right products is another easy way to avoid bug bites. While wearing shirts with long sleeves and longer pants is next to impossible on a hot day, you can still avoid bugs and keep biting bugs away from your skin with lotions and sprays designed to repel those insects. These sprays can keep the bugs from flying around you too. Citronella candles are a natural repellent to some of those bugs and makes your lawn smell nice, but you can plant citronella around the yard too.

Invest in a Screen Room

If you really like being outside and really hate coming in with bug bites all over your skin, it might be time to invest in a screen room. You can transform your old porch or deck into a screen room, but you can also hire a company to install a brand new screen room on one side of your home. These rooms have several walls with larger screens that let the breeze come through and help you see outside, but those screens completely block the access that the bugs have to you. Jacksonville screen enclosures are just one option for Florida residents who want to avoid bug bites.