Breakfast bar: our new-found obsession with morning feasting

Blame it on our new-found obsession with morning feasting: switching porridge for poutine, and boiled eggs for potato pancakes with sour cream leeks, poached duck eggs and tobiko wasabi caviar, but even breakfast time has now assumed a more elaborate, and, frankly, more alcoholic profile in the alarming shape of the breakfast cocktail. Ideally a weekend treat, they are craftily taking the form of more well behaved- looking morning quenchers – a mimosa might happily pass for an orange or grapefruit juice in a flute, an Irish coffee as a flat white, or a Ramos gin fizz as a glass of milk. Meanwhile, the Nitehawk Cinema in Brooklyn is offering an entire White Russian menu at its morning cartoon sessions, including the milk- and vodka-based Sonny, topped with Cocoa Puffs. We’ve taken inspiration and created our own version using Lucky Charms. Serial drinking has never looked so innocent.