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5 Foods That Will Help You Get Rid Of A Runny Nose

A runny nose can be quite annoying. It could be due to weather change, flu or other external factors. It can be quite contagious and some of its common symptoms include excessive sneezing , coughing, sore throat and mild headaches. After getting hold of this uneasy phenomenon, we often resort to those heavy doses of antibiotics to get rid of the same. However, there are few Read More

Painkillers affect thoughts: Ibuprofen, acetaminophen can influence your emotions

Popping over-the-counter drugs such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen may relieve your pain but they could also influence your thoughts and emotions, a new study has claimed. The study showed that these pain killers influence how people process information, experience feelings of hurt and react to emotionally evocative images. “In many ways, the findings are alarming,” said Kyle Ratner, a psychology Read More

Back pain in active older adults linked to poorer endurance and walking efficiency

Active older adults with back pain may experience less energy efficient walking and poorer endurance, a new study suggests. “Older adults are living longer and healthier active lives, so paying attention to conditions that may threaten independent function is increasingly important,” said lead author of the study Eleanor Simonsick, from the National Institute on Aging in the US. The study, Read More

There’s hope for cancer patients. A new way to kill liver cancer cells and stop tumour growth found

Scientists have found a new way to kill liver cancer cells and inhibit tumour growth. They have developed a two-way process to achieve the goal and starve the liver cancer. The researchers explained the process as first, they silenced a key cellular enzyme, and then they added a powerful drug. According to researchers at the University of Delaware,this research could Read More

Making the mind stronger: Treat mental insecurities, health will follow

Positive self-esteem is something that gives us the strength to take charge of our lives and feel good about ourselves. The mind plays a disproportionate role in our lives and how it feels can drive how the body ends up feeling. Thus, from borderline personality disorders to depression, there are many disorders that could affect people with low self-esteem. We Read More

Should elderly patients be sent home from the hospital to recover? Some doctors think so

When 86-year-old Carol Wittwer took a taxi to the emergency room, she expected to be admitted to the hospital. She didn’t anticipate being asked if she cooks for herself. If she has friends in her high-rise. Or if she could spell lunch backward. Wittwer’s care is part of a new approach to older patients as US emergency rooms adapt to Read More

Don’t diet, stay hydrated and sleep well: 6 easy tips to live a long and healthy life

There is never a single tip or pill for achieving optimum health. It is important to drink lots of water and get adequate sleep to maintain your fitness and overall well-being, say experts. Here’s what you should do: * It is imperative to open your eyes to fads. Dieting does not mean deprivation. You need to eat right to be in shape. Read More

Traumatic brain injury linked to dementia risk even after 30 years

People who suffer a traumatic brain injury – occurring when an external force injures the brain – may be at increased risk of developing dementia even after 30 years, says a study. A traumatic brain injury, also known as intracranial injury, is the leading cause of death and disability worldwide, especially in younger individuals and has also been associated with Read More

Study on muscle memory could impact athletes caught using performance-enhancing drugs

Periods of skeletal muscle growth are “remembered” by the genes in the muscle, helping them to grow larger later in life, said the study published in the journal Scientific Reports. The research can have important implications in how athletes train, recover from injury, and also has potentially far-reaching consequences for athletes caught cheating. “If an athlete’s muscle grows, and then Read More

Heart patients, take note. Vitamin D3 may heal damage to heart

If you are suffering from a heart disease, treatment with Vitamin D3 might help restore the damage done to your cardiovascular system, says a new study. Vitamin D3 is produced naturally when skin is exposed to the sun or through over-the-counter pills. Several diseases, including high blood pressure, build-up of fats, cholesterol in and on the artery walls, and diabetes, Read More