Don’t throw old computer, smartphones –You can extract gold from them

Don't throw old computer, smartphones –You can extract gold from them

New Delhi: At times your house might seem like a junk if you have old computer, Television set or smartphone lying inside your store room.

You would just want to throw them to get rid of the junk. But hold on. You can actually extract gold from old smartphone, computer  or TV set .

Yes! It might appear unbelievable at first. But if you try these steps, you can actually extract gold from the unused electronics.

Gold is required while creating circuit board of electronic devices. The same gold can be recovered from these circuits by using chemicals. The gold can be derived from the e-waste.

This is how you can extract gold from old computer, TV and smartphones.

1. Mix cyanide solution to a pot of boiling water

2. Make sure that the amount of water used should be enough to submerge the electronic circuit you want to use

3. Now keep the electronic circuit immersed in the solution for a good period of time

4. After keeping it for a considerable amount of time inside the solution you can take out the circuit and filter the water

5. Apply zinc dust to the mixture. This will clearly separate gold from the mixture

Note: This is just an extraction process. Don’t think that you can extract tons of gold from a single computer electronic circuit or a mobile phone. Happy extracting!