Healthy and nutritious lifestyle

Union Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports,Vijay Goel and Cricketer Gautam Gambhir spoke about the importance of nutrition for a healthy lifestyle at Fit India Conclave Goel said, “Today many citizens of our country need to be aware of fitness and the Ministry is constantly working towards it.  ‘Stay Fit India’ is an apt slogan for this initiative. If we educate the citizens of the nation about the fitness, then the country will be the most prosperous. Also, yoga is very important for physical and mental development along with nutrition which plays an important role in developing one’s health. We get the maximum number of players from villages, slum and backward areas. ‘Being fit for Delhi’ will soon be organising rural games in whole of Delhi”.

He also mentioned that there will be a law in the country regarding nutrition which is going to stop doping in our country.

The event aims to generate awarness among people about being  healthy and to protect themselves from diseases. Gambhir said, “What we eat decides how healthy one will be. Nutrition is a big part of my career in cricket. If you have a trained fitness expert then your chances of getting sick are greatly reduced. Also, the right choice of nutrition is essential.”

During the Fit India conclave organised by Glanbia, Avik Sanyal, Country Head of Glanbia, said  that,“there is a great need to make India’s people aware about the fitness for which we will work together with the government in people’s health related programs.”