Pixel XL and iPhone 7 Plus vs DSLR cam: You can’t tell the difference

Pixel XL and iPhone 7 Plus vs DSLR cam: You can't tell the difference

Technology. It marches on and on and slowly, gradually but assuredly, sweeps aside everything that is old. The smartphones, in every measure marvels of technology, are doing it since 2007. And finally in 2016, they have reached a position where they are threatening even the mighty DSLR cameras when it comes to clicking photos. At least, the high-end phones like the Google Pixel XL and the iPhone 7 Plus are doing that.

No, the phones are still not better than a proper DSLR or a large sensor camera. But the likes of the Pixel XL and the iPhone 7 Plus are so good that for many people, they will be good enough. And in most cases, these high-end expensive phones are definitely better than many cheap compact cameras, even in low and tricky light.

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So, just what is going on? Two things. One, the image sensors and lenses etc have become good in the phones. And two, which is actually the bigger deal, the phone companies are winning it on the basis of their software and all that computing horsepower they are putting in the phones using powerful processors. This refined software and computing power allows phones to process the images in a way that ensures that even if technically, at pixel level, these images aren’t as good as the dedicated cameras, they are good enough — in some cases even better — compared to images clicked with high-end cameras.

Don’t believe us? Just take a look at these five comparison shots (the two you can see on the page, for the other three click the links).

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These images have been shot with Canon 5D Mark IV, the latest and greatest Canon DSLR camera, the iPhone 7 Plus and the Google Pixel XL.

For some observations on these images, scroll past the photos.

Other 3 images: Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3

Some observations

  1. One reason why the Pixel XL and and the iPhone 7 Plus look so good in these images is because of the small size. In full-resolution, a DSLR image will look better.
  2. Although image quality of the camera in newer phones is fantastic, they are still too slow for razor sharp images of pets or anything or anyone moving. They are slow to focus and slow to click and process images.
  3. You can shoot wildlife with a phone camera, unless you are clicking photos of a lumbering elephant or a sleeping hippo. And yes, the pet cat doesn’t count in wildlife.
  4. For absolute best quality, you can’t beat the DSLR, although it does require a lot of effort to create amazing pictures with a big and bulky camera.
  5. The convenience of a phone camera is unmatched. Click, apply and filter and share on Instagram. For anyone not shooting for pure pleasure or profession, a phone camera is so much more fun.
  6. Nowadays with phones like the iPhone 7 Plus and the Pixel XL being so good, you buy a DSLR camera for its flexibility, its lens options, its ability to be a specialised tool — a portrait camera or a machine that can freeze a sprinting cheetah in a frame. For everyday, regular photos, a high-end phone can click amazing photos and is more fun to use.