Renault showcases India-bound Kaptur at Sao Paulo

Renault showcases India-bound Kaptur at Sao Paulo

The SUV segment is simply exploding and cars are literally flying off the shelves. Renault struck gold when it launched the Duster, but it is getting a little long in the tooth and Renault needs to infuse a fresh product to replenish its line-up. The compact Kaptur aims to do just that.

Now the Brazil-spec car is called the Captur and is based on the sturdy Duster platform but is 211mm longer, 35mm wider and 47mm taller. Design is similar to the car revealed earlier this year. The Kaptur gets the latest Renault signature fascia of a smiley grille with horizontal slats and a chrome lined lower half. The headlamps sweep back on the contoured front and the air dam gets its lower half blacked out with horizontal slats for a sporty look.

On the insides, expect the Kaptur to be a spacious five seater. Looking at the interior of the new Duster, Renault seems to have learnt what sells in the subcontinent and the Kaptur will come fully loaded with all the necessary features. On the engine front expect the Kaptur to share the same engines with the Duster family to save costs.

It will be interesting to see where Renault positions the Kaptur, but from what we see it should go up against the S-Cross and the XUV 5oo, a segment which is still not crowded yet.