Rezvani Beast Alpha Picture Gallery

Rezvani Beast Alpha Picture Gallery

California-based supercar builder Rezvani unveiled a new model to its line-up – the Beast Alpha, at the ongoing LA motor show. Basically a hardtop version of the Beast two-seat roadster, the Beast Alpha comes with a removable targa-style top.

The Beast Alpha’s unique ‘SideWinder’ doors are the talk of the town. Unlike anything we have seen so far, the doors swings out and slide forward. It appears to be impractical though, due to the narrow sill to climb into the car.

On the outside, the fascia is same as on the standard Beast. The Rezvani Beast can be the choice of the people who are jaded with the common Lamborghinis and Ferraris. Rezvani says they are also working on introducing eco-friendly fuel choices.

The Beast Alpha makes use of Lotus derived aluminium monocoque chassis, instead of the Ariel Atom underpinnings of the Beast. Even with the lightweight 19-inch forged alloy wheels, the Alpha is heavier by 150kg than the Beast, as it tips the weight of 884kg.

The Beast Alpha uses the same 2.4-liter K24 four-cylinder engine from Honda as the Beast, however the Beast uses a Rotrex supercharger, whereas the Alpha is turbocharged with intercooler and pumps out 500bhp.

With a 6-Speed manual or the optional sequential automatic transmission, the Beast Alpha can do a 0-100kmph sprint in 3.2 seconds before hitting a top speed of 280kmph. Which is slower than 2.7second sprint of the standard Beast though.

Step inside and everything is bare essential. The interior is finished in Alcantara and leather. The instrument cluster stacks an LCD screen, like the ones you would usually find in a race car, along with a drive mode selector.

Air conditioning and airbags comes as standard in the Beast Alpha. There are optional carbon fibre fitments for the interior as well. Also present in the infotainment system is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The shift lights on the instrument cluster can be pre-programmed according to the driver’s needs to shift for maximum engine horsepower and torque bands. The Beast Alpha also has an economy driving mode.

For those who think this car is bit hardcore, there is also a less powerful and tamed 300bhp version on its way. Prices for the Beast Alpha start at $200,000 (approx.  Rs 1.35 crore).