How To Stay Calm Under Arrest

If you or someone you care about is arrested, it can lead to panic. At the end of 2016, the Bureau of Justice Standards found over 2 million adults incarcerated. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the arrest process so that your first responses will be positive ones. It can be broken down into three steps: the arrest, what can you plan for, and how to avoid panic.

What Is an Arrest?

When you may no longer walk away from a law officer, you are considered “under arrest.” Your freedom is restricted based upon your new status as a suspect. When this occurs, your best option is to take a deep breath and ask why you are being taken into custody. An officer must reveal this information to you. Remember, you are only a suspect.

What Can You Plan For?

After you are detained and booked, your freedom will rely on the law’s schedule. You must take this into consideration when planning your actions. Court dates are mandatory. When you are arraigned, paying bail is a positive goal to focus on.

Based on your location, bail and bail bondsman change. Look online for information about finding a Harrisburg bail bondsman. Keeping the location with the search will provide you with specific information to help. The bond process can also change based on specifics.

How To Stop Panic

This can be an emotionally unsettling time. Remember to follow these steps to keep calm:

  1. You’ll make better decisions when calm.
  2. Focus on the facts. When you know them, you can work with the law instead of against it.
  3. Set goals and progress to the next positive step.
  4. Remember this happens to many people. You’re not alone.

Getting arrested isn’t part of most people’s plans. If it happens, however, knowing how the process works can be key in making your time in custody as brief as possible.