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If you’re opting for late pregnancy, here are 5 options for you

‘ Today, more and more women are choosing to get pregnant later in life. The usual age group has moved from 25-30 years to 28-35 years. Advanced medical facilities along with fertility solutions have made it easier for many to consider a late pregnancy. IVF and fertility specialist, Dr Priti Gupta, First Step IVF Clinic, New Delhi, says, “There are Read More

When School Choice Is Too Little, Too Late

For decades, we’ve relied on the K–12 public schools to ensure opportunity for all children and to develop strong future generations of Americans. Yet despite years of “school reform” along with much-increased spending, achievement gaps between advantaged and disadvantaged children have remained persistently large. Indeed, growing armies of school reformers agree on just one thing: We’re still leaving way too Read More

Not Your Business If I Stay Out Late, Says Woman Who Was Stalked

Varnika Kundu was allegedly chased down the streets in a car by the son of Haryana BJP chief. CHANDIGARH: HIGHLIGHTS Varnika was allegedly chased in a car by the son of Haryana BJP chief Haryana BJP leader had questioned why she was out late at night “It is none of his business,” responded Varnika to BJP leader’s comments Varnika Kundu, Read More

Trump doesn’t think Mueller should look into his business transactions. Too late.

Just yesterday, President Donald Trump told a trio of New York Times reporters that if special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation turned to his finances, he’d view it as a “violation” of Mueller’s charge. “This is about Russia,” Trump said. But according to a new report by Bloomberg’s Greg Farrell and Christian Berthelsen, investigators had already been investigating several Trump business transactions with Russians. Read More

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In late April Dutch tulip bulb farmers chop off the flowers’ heads

As the end of April approaches, Dutch tulip farmers prepare for “topping”, when they run cutting machines through the fields across the north and west of the country, lopping off the colorful flower heads and leaving the stalks and plants to wither. Throughout the month, the tulip fields are in full bloom and tourists flock to attractions such as the Read More