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Can Overwatch esports work as a lifestyle product?

  When we talk about Overwatch, it often seems as though the game has two distinct quests. First, there’s Overwatch the intellectual property and popular shooter, which is supported by the cinematics, comics, and general lore of the setting. Overwatch is extremely successful in this capacity, garnering over 150 million engagements on Tumblr in just under a year. Overwatch has a fan following that dwarfs traditional media properties, and Read More

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Overwatch director says “troll pick” heroes are sometimes inevitable

Balancing a team-based online shooter, in case there was any doubt, is a tricky bit of business. In fact, as Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan explained in this Battle.net forum post on the topic, it’s effectively impossible. Attitudes change, playstyles evolve, and players slowly but surely figure out strategies for maximizing character strengths and overcoming their weaknesses. But “we will Read More