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Do you lead a sedentary lifestyle? Counter diseases through wellness activities

Sixty one percent of the deaths in India in the age group of 30 to 70 are due to non-communicable diseases such as heart disorders, diabetes, and cancer, according to a WHO report published in September 2017. Most of these are preventable deaths since they are associated with lifestyle choices made by individuals from early on in their lives. The Read More

Obesity, sedentary lifestyle causing arthritis among youngsters, say doctors

A young patient undergoes magnetic resonance for arthritis at a Bengaluru hospital. BENGALURU: Sivakumar Hwas in shock when he was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in the knee, thanks to his sedentary lifestyle. He was only in his mid-twenties. While climbing stairs became increasingly difficult, getting up from a sitting position became painful. Kaveri (name changed) was only 18 when she suffered acute pain Read More

Males Leading a Sedentary Lifestyle Prefer High-Fat Diet, Suggests Study

HIGHLIGHTS It is not an uncommon sight to see people leading a sedentary lifestyle Males with a sedentary lifestyle tend to prefer high-fat diet The study which was conducted on rats It is not a very uncommon sight to see people leading a sedentary lifestyle but it can led to many serious health conditions like obesity, cardiovascular diseases and more. Read More

Want to know if you lead a sedentary lifestyle? Now is your chance

A global study looks to medically define sedentary lifestyle to make it an active talking point with regards to wellness and health. (Getty Images) You would now know which activity has made your lifestyle sedentary as researchers from twenty countries across the world have come up with a dictionary of new terminologies defining sedentary behaviour. The research, titled ‘terminology consensus Read More