Time for A Fashion Revolution!

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All of us have tried to bolster somebody up once before. Because being brave is important, that’s what we were told ever since we were children – because weren’t it always the stronger kids who would get their way? Indeed, it is totally okay not to be brave in some situations and give somebody else the advantage, but even in adulthood we are often able to achieve better things, if we learn to overcome our fears.


Meanwhile, being brave and different is “bon ton” in the fashion industry. Only the ones who are risking something, who are surprising with new ideas and who are standing their grounds, are in debate. But it’s just as important for designers and labels to risk something fashionwise, as it is to be transparent. In fact, being transparent requires much more bravery. That’s exactly what the fashion revolution week is about. It’s taking place from 23 to 29 of april.

“Who actually makes my clothes? And under which conditions?” – whoever is interested in these questions, is encouraged to post a photo of their clothing tag on different social media platforms and to tag the brand under the hashtag #whomademyclothes this week. Of course, it is really interesting to see, which brands will actually have the courage to answer.