Volvo V90 Cross Country revealed through brochure image


The soon-to-be launched Volvo V90 Cross Country has been revealed through the leak of a brochure  image. The car will debut later this year and is the third vehicle from the Swedish automaker to be based on the scalable architecture which underpins the XC90 SUV and the S90 sedan.

The pictures reveal a standard V90 with a higher ground clearance, larger wheels and a black body cladding that runs along the edge of the body. The front, like the rear, is expected to get a pseudo bash plate element to add to the off-road look.

This new V90 Cross Country will take on the likes of the A6 Allroad as well as the new  vehicle of this type that Mercedes-Benz is designing to take on the A6 Allroad. While India is not too crazy about estate cars, we believe that such a vehicle that combines the best of both worlds could work for the Indian market.
It is expected to be offered with the same set of petrol and diesel engines as the standard V90 wagon but will have AWD as standard across all engine options. Other than this, there are expected to be no changes to the car especially inside the cabin.