What is a Notary?

Notaries provide a very valuable service. Most people associate a notary with signing and stamping a contract or other document to make it legal. However, a notary often administers oaths, and some can even perform marriages. Not everyone can become a notary. There are certain requirements that must be met.

What are the Requirements to Become a Notary

If you want to become a notary you will need to check with the state where you live to see what they require. Some states allow you to apply, pay a fee, and be sworn in at the courthouse. Others require a notary course to be taken to get a certificate before they can apply to become a notary. Notary Bonding is a company that can help with a notary application florida.

In addition to these requirements, if you want to be a notary in most states you must purchase a surety bond. The cost will vary from state to state. However, you might only have to pay one percent of the amount of the surety bond. This will depend on your credit score. The purpose of the surety bond is to compensate anyone that may be injured by a mistake you make as a notary.

How Much Do Notaries Make?

If you are a notary in an area with a large population, you will make more than small towns or cities. Many notaries work for banks or other companies where the services of a notary are required regularly. There are also sites that you can join that will send you notary jobs. Many people find these sites provide plenty of work.

The price you can charge per job may be regulated by the state where you live. If not, most charge less when they first start out and increase the amount after a while. Becoming a notary can be a good part-time job or a full-time position. It will depend on the amount of time you want to spend as well as the area where you are a notary.