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Motorola Moto Z review: The future of Modular phones?

Moto Z from Motorola is a big bet, a bet on Mods which are actually attachments that can be snapped on to the phone for added functionality. Need some more power? Just snap on the extra battery mod. Or go for the Hasselblad mod if you want 10X optical zoom on your smartphone. It’s supposed to be that simple. It Read More

Huawei’s Honor 6X brings dual rear cameras to the masses

Huawei seems to be all out gung-ho about dual rear cameras this year. After launching the Leica-certified P9, the company’s offline-only offshoot Honor launched the relatively affordable Honor 8 and now, the company has come up with an even more affordable option in the Honor 6X. Successor to the Honor 5X , the Honor 6X brings dual rear cameras to Read More

Best phones in India right now, price no bar

Phone buyers never had it this good. The number of choices that are available in the market right not are mind-boggling. Even more impressive is the fact that many of these phones are fairly affordable, or rather as affordable as the phones go, and yet offer the kind of experience that only the high-end, Rs 50,000 phones used to provide Read More

8 best budget phones to buy for Jio 4G data, VoLTE

technology took a big leap in India after Reliance build its own network that used dedicated LTE channel for routing calling. Jio’s welcome offer is valid till December 31st 2016 and works of select handsets that are 4G VoLTE ready. Under the offer, Reliance is offering free Data with a capping of 4GB/day, free outgoing local, STD and roaming, and Read More

Google will provide Android updates to Pixel phones for 2 years

On Tuesday when Google launched Pixel phones, it seemingly left out a minor — albeit important — detail from the announcement, probably because there were bigger things to talk about. It didn’t reveal for how long the phone would be supported in terms of software and the security updates, an issue that plagued Android phones. But now India Today Tech Read More

Driverless car in Singapore collides with truck, no injuries

A self-driving car being tested on Singapore public roads collided with a truck on Tuesday, the city-state’s transport regulator said, adding that no one was hurt. “The test vehicle was changing lane when it collided with a truck,” the Land Transport Authority said in a Facebook post. nuTonomy, which is developing and testing the technology, said the car was operating Read More

Samsung Electronics to compensate Galaxy Note 7 parts suppliers

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said on Tuesday it will compensate component suppliers for the discontinued Galaxy Note 7 smartphones and consider giving them orders for other models to cushion the blow. The world’s top smartphone maker said it would fully pay for unused Note 7 parts that have already been manufactured, compensate suppliers for unfinished components and pay for materials Read More

This new device can power artificial systems that mimic human brain

NDON: Scientists have developed a new nanoscale device which could be used to power artificial systems that can mimic the human brain. The device called a memristor may find applications in pervasive sensing technologies to fuel real-time monitoring in harsh or inaccessible environments; a highly desirable capability for enabling the Internet of Things vision, researchers said. Artificial neural networks (ANNs) Read More

Doctors better at diagnosis than computers: Research

AFP | Oct 13, 2016, 05.15 PM IST Despite all of the health apps, trackers and modern technology available to us, it seems nothing beats a visit to the doctor according to research out this week from Harvard University. Carried out by researchers from Harvard Medical School, the team asked 234 internal medicine physicians to evaluate 45 clinical cases and Read More

Chat smart! 12 tips that will make you WhatsApp expert

WhatsApp has become a lifeline for almost smartphone user since its launch in year 2009. It is the most popular chat app in the world and has over 1 billion monthly active users. But while a lot of people use WhatsApp, not everyone is keeping track of all the new features the app has got in the last several months. Read More