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Lessons from ISRO, cricket, technology figure in Modi’s ‘Pariksha pe Charcha’

New Delhi: From Indian’s moon mission to cricketing excellence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday took reference from everyday life to tell students about how to deal with failures. During an interaction with school students ahead of the exam season, Modi in his annual ‘Pariksha pe Charcha’ event in New Delhi, said the new decade will be of those who Read More

Building a great technology and product culture

What you see today will be the history in the future, say in next 100 to 200 years. But this will lead to immense up-gradation of human life through technology and product. You learn from the history how human made an attempt to build a better future. Technology and Product will replace the drudgery of human life with celebration, joy Read More

Wither The Law Firm Technology Subsidy?

If your firm expects you to have the most expensive data plan, shouldn’t they be giving you something for the inconvenience? I mean, perhaps it’s not an inconvenience because you’re busy streaming Friends episodes on the subway and forcing yourself to pretend you’re watching something clever. But the firm doesn’t know that you’ve got terrible taste in television. Practicing law in the Read More

China Retaliates Over Huawei: New Rip And Replace Of U.S. Technology

China has retaliated over Washington’s ongoing campaign against Huawei, with an instruction for public organisations and state offices to rip and replace all non-Chinese computer equipment within three years. There is a benign view that this is a necessary defence on the part of Beijing to protect against further extensions to U.S. sanctions that would remove U.S. technologies from sale. Read More

Get smart: How smart home technology revolutionized rental housing

  Perhaps the defining trend in residential property management over the past ten years has been the rise of smart home technology. Offering services ranging from playing music to unlocking your door and setting the temperature, these new technologies have made life more convenient and accessible for millions of Americans. And while millions of homeowners are taking advantage of these Read More

Technology industry seeing improved gender diversity

BENGALURU: A sharp rise in enrollment of women coders for the fifth edition of Tech-Gig’s Geek Goddess clearly shows that the technology industry is seeing improved gender diversity, said Ram Awasthi, Vice President, Technology, Times Internet. The fifth edition of the coding challenge for women saw 73,000 registrations from nearly 39,000 in the first edition. “Biggest change is that we started from Read More

Voice assistant technology is in danger of trying to be too human

More than 200m homes now have a smart speaker providing voice-controlled access to the internet, according to one global estimate. Add this to the talking virtual assistants installed on many smartphones, not to mention kitchen appliances and cars, and that’s a lot of Alexas and Siris. Because talking is a fundamental part of being human, it is tempting to think Read More

Indians More Optimistic About Technology Than Rest of The World, Says World Economic Forum

Rumblings of economic slowdown may have shaken some, but it hasn’t stopped the technology industry and startups from exploring innovations to solve the problems on the ground. According to an opinion poll by the World Economic Forum (WEF), people from India are among the world’s most optimistic about technology. The opinion poll was prepared and commissioned by SAP and Qualtrics Read More

Humans Can Improve Technology without Really Understanding It

Participants in a study on how technology evolves adjusted the position of four weights attached to the spokes of a wheel in an effort to increase its speed down a sloping track. Credit: Maxime Derex Did early human inventions—bows and arrows, houses, kayaks—result from innate smarts that bested the intelligence of chimps, lions and other species? Or did these artifacts arise Read More

This Year’s Biggest Story In Mobility Is Oil, Not Technology

Amid all of the excitement around new mobility technologies, a single, inescapable reality often gets lost: modern transportation does not run on lidar, telematics, or any other technologies. That is why 2019’s biggest story in mobility is not about Waymo, Hyperloop, or Lime – nor is it about innovations coming out of Detroit, Silicon Valley, or Germany. It’s in the Middle Read More