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  What is a Lifestyle Blog? A lifestyle blog is a type of website where a blogger writes about their own life, experiences, interests, or daily activities. Because of this, lifestyle blogs are often more personal than other types of blogs. Rather than just sharing the latest news about an industry or teaching readers about a subject, lifestyle bloggers share their Read More

Living Life to the Fullest: 4 Financial Lessons from the Vedas

  For centuries, the Vedas have been the fountainhead of all knowledge for us. There are primarily four types of Vedas, namely – Rig-Veda, Saam-Veda, Yajura-Veda, and Atharva-Veda. The term ‘Veda’ means knowledge, while its derivative ‘Vedic’ means knowledgeable. In other words, a Vedic human being is an individual who practices the collective wisdom of the Vedas, in all walks Read More

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China’s next regulatory target — algorithms, the secret of many tech giants’ success

In an unprecedented move, China has finalized regulation that governs the way technology companies can use recommendation algorithms, targeting the secret behind the success of many of the country’s giants. The rules, which were first floated last year, will come into force on March 1, as Beijing continues its push to tighten regulation on China’s tech sector. Algorithms are critical to Read More

Should you exercise during periods? Here’s what a doctor recommends

Menstrual periods, commonly known as just ‘periods’, are a normal part of life. No matter how uncomfortable they are, some people exercise while on them. They go about their daily routine without difficulties. But others can experience pain, dizziness, nausea and other similar symptoms. “Periods should not prevent you from doing anything, even exercising,” said Dr (Lt Col) Leena N Sreedhar, Read More

Have you been applying sunscreen the proper way? Find out

It has been established that sunscreen is a non-negotiable, intrinsic part of skincare routine, regardless of the weather outside, the season, or even if you have no plans to step out in the sun. Many people understand this and have even befriended their sunscreen. But, the next important question that arises is whether they know how to properly apply the lotion on Read More

Simply Save | How portfolio re-balancing can help investors during extreme market phases?

Markets have corrected six percent from their recent highs. Both the benchmark indices CNX NSE Nifty and S&P BSE Sensex have lost some of their momentum amid concerns over Omicron cases.  To be sure, the market volatility is not what was seen when the Covid-19 outbreak took place in March last year.  Diversification and rupee cost averaging through SIPs are the Read More

Toyota And Lexus Unveil Upcoming EV Range

Toyota has unveiled its future range of electric vehicles, and boy, it’s going to be a massive portfolio. Toyota and Lexus will together have as many as 15 EVs in the future covering almost every segment. And so, it’s a massive line-up will have everything from hatchbacks, sedans and small crossovers to big SUVs, pick-up SUV, lifestyle SUV and even performance Read More

251 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

1. Fashion Latest trends Blast from the past Seasonal (summer, winter, fall, spring) wear Office attire tips Reviews of footwear/accessories Clothing/try-on haul Wardrobe hacks Fashion tips/advice Mommy/maternity trends Men’s fashion Fashion influencers to follow Fashion blog ideas Fashion hashtag ideas   2. Beauty Makeup and beauty reviews/tips/advice Hair accessories No-makeup makeup Makeup for special events Daily beauty routine Makeup courses/schools Read More


  I don’t know about you, but for me, breakfast is the toughest meal of the day- especially when you’re on the go! It can be tempting to take the easy route and pick up something on the road, but that often leads to unnecessary sugars and calories. Eating healthy weekday breakfasts is so important because breakfast is what keeps Read More


Hands up if you have a busy lifestyle! From work to your S/O, friends, working out, social events, family time, and more- there’s so much we have on our plates these days. It can be easy to get wrapped up in it all and want to say “yes” to everything, but making more time for yourself if key to a Read More