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Why Health Care Policy Is So Hard

“Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated.” President Trump said that in February, yielding more than a few chuckles from pundits and late-night comedians. In fact, anyone who has spent some time thinking about the issue sees its complexity. With the collapse of the Senate health care bills this week, the president has certainly been reminded of it. But Mr. Read More

5 Interesting Snacks for Monsoon that You Can Make Within 30 Minutes

It does feel great to welcome monsoon after a long sweltering summer. Talk about monsoon and a sudden urge to gorge on delectable fried snacks springs up almost instantly. A cup of hot tea paired with simple snacks while looking at the downpour is peaceful and comforting. However, most of the snacks like samosa, kachori or fritters generally take a lot of time to Read More

Senate Republicans’ approach to health care is bizarre and appalling

Nobody can tell exactly what Senate Republicans are doing with Americans’ health care, largely because they keep lying about it. Five days ago, John McCain called on senators to pay more heed to governors’ words of caution about steep Medicaid cuts. Then he made a dramatic return to the Senate floor, denounced the entire process through which the Senate health care bill Read More

The health care vote-a-rama is nigh

This is the web version of VoxCare, a daily newsletter from Vox on the latest twists and turns in America’s health care debate. Like what you’re reading? Sign up to get VoxCare in your inbox here. The Senate continued its Obamacare repeal debate Wednesday. It’s actually still happening, and you can stream it on C-SPAN. Here are the three main things Read More

In 24 hours, the Senate will vote on a mystery health care bill

This is the web version of VoxCare, a daily newsletter from Vox on the latest twists and turns in America’s health care debate. Like what you’re reading? Sign up to get VoxCare in your inbox here. Republican senators are set to vote on a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act Tuesday. They just don’t know what’s in it. It’s hard Read More

President Trump to deliver statement on health care on Monday

Getty Images Donald Trump President Donald Trump is set to deliver a statement on health care at 3:15 p.m. ET on Monday, according to the White House. Trump’s statement will follow him participating “in a greeting with victims of Obamacare,” the White House said in a news release. The president offered an opinion on the state of the Republican attempt to change Read More

Enjoy good health with this Almond and Oven Dried Tomato Salad recipe

  Don’t you agree that eating salads is the most convenient way to work in good health into your life? A couple of servings of vegetables and fruits and you are all set. No, don’t scrunch your face yet. If you aren’t a big fan, it probably means that you haven’t been making your salad right. Also, look at it Read More

Here’s a health-care fix that’s small but powerful

A nurse listens to a client’s chest at the Spanish Catholic Center agency of the Diocese of Washington Catholic Charities. Comprehensive health-care reform is dead for now. But the problems facing the nation’s beleaguered health system live on. Lawmakers must now come together to make bipartisan reforms on the margin to shore it up. They should start by addressing Medicaid, Read More

Keep your kids safe from summer heat

    Parents need to be particular when it comes to children’s health. While it is important to allow them some outing, fun and play, it is equally important to teach them how to take care of their health. Soon, summer will come. Along with it, the heat can put children’s health at risk. So, inculcate few habits in your Read More

Treat dengue fever with home remedies

Rain brings great relief to people in hot places. But along with it, comes monsoon woes in the form of many waterborne diseases, including dengue. The symptoms of dengue fever, a viral disease spread by a mosquito named Aedes aegyptis, are many. Prolong fever. Rashes on the skin Fatigue, severe headache Muscular pain, joint ache Pain behind the eyes Nausea and Read More