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Will this tech close on never-ending real estate waiting periods?

The most anticipated part of every real estate transaction is being done with it. Every seller looks forward to the moment of closing: the period where all involved parties put a bow on the sale and the keys get handed over to the happy new owners. The closing is by nature the most complicated part of the proceedings. The task Read More

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Violence in mental health can’t be ignored, but nor can the pain of punitive policies

 First-hand accounts can provide a fresh perspective on the issue of violence and mental health. Illustration: Getty Images When Anna* became physically unwell as a student, her GP referred her to a psychiatrist and she agreed to voluntary treatment. After interviewing her for less than an hour, the psychiatrist diagnosed her with schizophrenia and told her there was a risk Read More

Residential real estate market making a comeback; Here’s why

In the recent past, housing demand in the country has been on an all-time high, helping with the swift comeback of residential real estate. Residential real estate, for a very long time, has been the subject of discussion with regard to its value and business output in India. Usually favoured by several big developers across the country as a ‘robust Read More

Health insurance a must to combat the rise in lifestyle diseases

Lifestyle diseases are on a rise among Indians under the age of 45. According to a recent report by GOQii titled India Fit Report 2019, a California-based integrated preventive healthcare platform, cholesterol has increased by 40% overall and the rise is by 135% among individuals below 45 years of age. These numbers are comparable to the same report released by Read More

Real Estate sector boost expected this week, policy changes in the works: Report

The real estate sector may soon get a boost as the Centre readies a package to help renew growth, as per a Business Standard report. The package, aimed primarily at home buyers and real estate developers, is expected this week, the paper quoted government officials as saying. “There have been discussions on a task force for real estate similar to the Read More

How To Vet The Best Technology Stack For Your Employees

The technology you’re using may be driving employees to distraction — or out the door. While your company’s decision to use Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive may not seem like a life-changing choice at face value, your employees feel otherwise. It may be the single thing they interact with most in their daily work lives, and workers need a tech Read More

China’s interest rate reform not to stoke real estate market

BEIJING, Aug. 26 (Xinhua) — China’s new interest rate reform aiming to steer business funding costs lower will not stoke the real estate market, analysts said. The country’s central bank announced Sunday that starting from Oct. 8, new mortgages will be priced based on latest month’s loan prime rate (LPR) of the corresponding term, while certain basis points will be Read More

Xiaomi to Enter Consumer Finance and Lending Business in India Soon: Report

China’s Xiaomi is poised to launch a consumer lending business in India in the coming weeks, making an ambitious tilt at the booming financial services market where data privacy concerns and fierce competition present formidable challenges. The stakes are high for the world’s fourth largest mobile phone vendor, whose business model relies on low-margin hardware sales with services as a Read More

Is 5G technology bad for our health?

As 5G wireless technology is slowly making its way across the globe, many government agencies and organizations advise that there is no reason to be alarmed about the effects of radiofrequency waves on our health. But some experts strongly disagree. Why do some people believe that 5G technology may harm our health? The term 5G refers to the fifth generation Read More

Sriram Venkataraman’s co-passenger Wafa Firoz sent divorce notice over ‘lifestyle’

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Wafa Firoz, owner and co-passenger of the speeding car driven by IAS officer Sriram Venkataraman which killed journalist KM Basheer, has been served a divorce notice by her husband Firoz K, who’s an NRI. A copy of the notice was sent to the president of the Jama’ath committee in Navayikkulam which is Wafa’s hometown. She will have to respond to the Read More