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Small But Meaningful – Blue 8.0.3 – A Q&A with Director of Product, Nitin Sharma

Blue is Explorance’s holistic Experience Management (XM) platform. It facilitates gathering all the feedback data collected at a Higher Ed institution or Enterprise-level business in one place – supporting data-driven decisions with best-in-class integration, automation, and robust reporting. Blue supports both Student Experience Management (SXM) and Employee Experience Management (EXM) strategies by enabling better course evaluations, survey management, 360 degree reviews, and more. The last Read More

Building a great technology and product culture

What you see today will be the history in the future, say in next 100 to 200 years. But this will lead to immense up-gradation of human life through technology and product. You learn from the history how human made an attempt to build a better future. Technology and Product will replace the drudgery of human life with celebration, joy Read More

Culture Crossover: Osmosis review – technology through a human lens

Since Tinder let us to swipe through an online rolodex of nearby singles, dating apps have attempted to refine the matching process by collecting a range of personal information and preferences. Competing algorithms from the likes of Bumble, Hinge and OkCupid all attempt to answer one question: can computers crack the compatibility code? In Osmosis, Netflix’s new French language series Read More

The Culture Behind Technology

London, UK – 04 12 2014: Red double-decker bus taxi cab in London city center street traffic. The red double-decker buses in London have become a national symbol of England and United Kingdom. GETTY Most every bit of technology throughout history is informed by cultural norms and social conventions. We are currently seeing how culture and technology can conflict where driverless Read More

National Day round-up: celebrations span arts, culture and lifestyle experiences in the UAE

In addition to commemorating the UAE’s unification – and rejoicing over the long weekend – National Day celebrations typically involve a host of deals, discounts, activities and events. Here are some you can experience this year. ART Syrian artist Ghiath Lahham has created Emirates Falcon, limited-edition artworks mounted on silkscreens, which capture the glory of the UAE’s national bird. The digital prints Read More

Culture, not genes, shapes our musical taste

You may want to blame your culture if your taste in music is weird, suggests a new study. In Western styles of music, from classical to pop, some combinations of notes are generally considered more pleasant than others. To most of our ears, a chord of C and G, for example, sounds much more agreeable than the grating combination of Read More