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Mobile-based solutions can strengthen human capital gains disrupted by COVID-19 in developing countries

Almost nine in ten children in sub-Saharan Africa are learning poor, in that they are unable to read and understand a simple text by age 10. The pandemic is worsening this “learning crisis”, especially for poor and vulnerable households that lack access to online resources. The potential for leveraging smartphones in development has so far remained largely untapped, but recent trends Read More

Hong Kong start-up developing 3D technology to weave perfect pair of customised jeans with zero waste

A start-up is combining 3D scanning and weaving technology to make the perfect pair of jeans, as consumers’ preferences shift from big-name brands to tech-inspired and sustainable fashion. San Francisco-based Unspun, which joined Hong Kong’s The Mills Fabrica “techstyle” incubator in February, touts itself as a zero-inventory store; jeans are only made when an order is placed. The incubator says Read More