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8 things you didn’t know you can do on your Android phone

Don’t be satisfied with what you have on Android. You can change, push, pull, rip apart and tweak almost anything to your heart’s content. However, because of some limitations of other operating systems, these are hacks that will only work on Android. [source;gadgetnews]

‘I didn’t expect Anurag to be such a good actor’

A R Murgadoss, the south-based director behind hit films like Ghajini and Holiday: A Solider Is Never Off Duty, returns with his third Hindi outing. Once again, it is an action flick. This time, however, it stars a female protagonist. Titled Akira, the film is a remake of the Tamil sleeper hit, Mouna Guru, and stars Sonakshi Sinha and Anurag Kashyap. Read More

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Growing up as a leap year baby: ‘Kids would say I didn’t have a real birthday’

Being one of only four million ‘leaplings’ in the world born on 29 February means feeling both a different and unique – and also prompts lots of questions Katie Thompson on her fourth, 14th and 10th birthdays. Photograph: “I’ve never met one of you before.” That’s the first thing most people say upon hearing that I was born on 29 Read More