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4 Ways to Reinvent The Employee Training Program Without Looking Like an Amateur

Employee training serves multiple purposes in any business. It allows you to set a standard for how your business operates. It also keeps employees safe, helps improve customer satisfaction, increases efficiency, and enables productive work. If you don’t have a formal employee training program, however, you can’t measure results or maintain consistency. Imagine a school without a curriculum. Teachers wouldn’t know Read More

10 employee habits that are good for success

As a leader, you always want your team to perform their very best. There is a fine line between positively encouraging them and pushing them beyond their limits. The former will help you and the company in the long term, but the latter will create instability among employees, hence disturbing the workplace environment. You should always look to positively motivate Read More

Airline employee booked on extortion charges at Indira Gandhi International Airport

An employee of Qatar Airways working at the Indira Gandhi International airport in Delhi, has been booked on charges of extortion after he was allegedly caught taking Rs 35,000 cash from a Doha-bound flyer. Officials said the incident took place late night on July 26 after CISF personnel detected the foreign airline employee taking some cash from the passenger on Read More