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Discover big fun kids can enjoy after exams

Final exams are over. Let the kids enjoy the luxury of a leisurely childhood without any stress for few days. This is the perfect time for them after a long hectic schedule of lessons and exams. Let your child lead the free days under your supervision and guidance. It will encourage them to maintain an active life. Here are few Read More

Outlining Entrance Exams for a Successful Career with iit colleges in india

Breaking the IIT JEE is successfully one of the hardest that any youth can go up against while endeavoring to get instigation into any of these premium specific establishments, starting with the IITs. Here a little piece about the request outline, information about the dates, thus on of the choice test, finally certain vital inputs on the most ideal approach Read More

Smartwatches that allow pupils to ‘cheat’ in exams for sale on Amazon

The watches are making exams a ‘nightmare to administer’, according to one deputy head Smartwatches that allow pupils and students to cheat in exams are being openly sold on Amazon. An advert for one such watch, which has 4GB of memory, was offered on the website for £44.95. “This watch is specifically designed for cheating in exams with a special Read More