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Everything you need to know about kefir

Forget chia seeds or kale: fermented foods are the health trend of the moment and the new kid on the block is kefir – a cultured, fermented milk drink. Similar to yogurt, kefir has a slightly more tart, sour taste (some say it’s ‘fizzy’ thanks to the carbon dioxide produced during the fermentation process). Traditionally, it’s made by adding a live culture of Read More

Move Over Kombucha and Miso: Make Way for Kefir, The Fermented Milk

  Reams have been written about the goodness of fermented foods and their benefits for human health. What makes these items ‘good for you’ is the presence of gut-friendly bacteria that befriends the gut microbiome in a way that it facilitates rock-solid digestion and an enhanced immune system. “Fermented foods are highly nutritious and easier to digest owing to the Read More