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Two fisted, antibody approach could effectively kill ovarian cancer

Researchers have developed a two fisted, antibody approach that can effectively destroy ovarian cancer – the deadliest gynecological disease – and could also be utilised to kill breast, prostate and other solid tumours. According to Jogender Tushir-Singh from the University of Virginia’s (UVA), a major problem with immune therapies for ovarian cancer is that the immune cells intended to kill Read More

There’s hope for cancer patients. A new way to kill liver cancer cells and stop tumour growth found

Scientists have found a new way to kill liver cancer cells and inhibit tumour growth. They have developed a two-way process to achieve the goal and starve the liver cancer. The researchers explained the process as first, they silenced a key cellular enzyme, and then they added a powerful drug. According to researchers at the University of Delaware,this research could Read More

New ‘smart’ nanoparticles that heat up to kill cancerous cells may help treat cancer

Scientists have developed ‘smart’ self-regulating nanoparticles which heat up to a temperature high enough to kill cancerous cells, while too low to harm the healthy tissue. The self-stopping nanoparticles developed by researchers from the University of Surrey in the UK could soon be used as part of hyperthermic-thermotherapy to treat patients with cancer, researchers said. Thermotherapy has long been used Read More

These 5 Real Estate Investment Mistakes Could Kill Your Business! Learn Why

Investing in real estate as a business can be a great way to make money. Your tenants, whether business or residential, will contribute to cash flow and operating profit every month, right? The property will appreciate for an eventual sale, and you’ll gain tax deductions connected to real estate property. Yes, all these things can happen — but real estate investing can Read More

Human-virus hybrid created to kill off antibiotic-resistant MRSA superbug

Human cells have been mixed with bacteria and viruses to create a hybrid immune cell that can kill off deadly resistant bacteria, scientists have said. Some viruses are designed to infect bacteria and target their prey in a different way to the human immune system. The researchers were able to take the virus’s targeting mechanism and graft it onto a Read More

With fatter wallet, Paytm goes for the kill

Go big or go home: chances are that’s the first thing you will notice across the walls as you enter Paytm’s headquarters in Noida, adjacent to Delhi. If the company’s top boss Vijay Shekhar Sharma’s pace of expansion is anything to go by, ‘going home’ is clearly not an option. The latest fund raising of $300 million by Paytm, a Read More