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Sitting for too long, here’s what happens when you don’t move often

Did you know prolonged sedentary time could lead to health risks? Sitting for too many hours per day or sitting without a break is known to harm your body, a new study reveals. While the evidence on the adverse effects of prolonged sedentary time continues to increase, further studies are needed to determine the most effective and practical interventions for Read More

Diabetes patients often experience mental health issues

New research suggests that diabetes is not just something that affects people physically. A report has highlighted the need for people with diabetes to be provided with better mental health support, according to Metro.co.uk A survey, conducted by Diabetes UK, suggests that three out of five diabetics suffer from emotional and mental health difficulties, directly linked to their illness. About Read More

Do you pee often or hardly ever? Here’s what your urine can tell about your health

You have to pee several times a day, yet like most people, you don’t like to talk about it much. But did you know that every time you pee, your urine gives important clues about your overall health? Its smell and colour, in particular, can give vital clues to your well-being. “The healthiest urine colour is clear,” says Dr Shubendu Read More