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If you’re opting for late pregnancy, here are 5 options for you

‘ Today, more and more women are choosing to get pregnant later in life. The usual age group has moved from 25-30 years to 28-35 years. Advanced medical facilities along with fertility solutions have made it easier for many to consider a late pregnancy. IVF and fertility specialist, Dr Priti Gupta, First Step IVF Clinic, New Delhi, says, “There are Read More

Protect your bones by opting for Mediterranean diet

    Consuming a Mediterranean diet, which is rich in fruits, vegetables, grains, potatoes, olive oil, seeds, fish, low saturated fat, dairy products and red meat may boost bones and muscle mass in postmenopausal women, a study suggests. Researchers found that menopause is characterised by a decline in estrogen levels that speeds a woman’s loss of bone mass and increases Read More

Lifestyle: The Hostel Story | Why travellers are opting for hostels over luxurious hotels!

(left) Heart of Travellers is the first hiking hostel in India; (right) Hostels give you a chance to interact with fellow travellers From opting for the tried-and-tested destinations to exploring far-flung and offbeat places, the Indian traveller has come a long way. And that’s also reflecting in the way we stay these days. While luxury hotels will never go out Read More