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How Stock Markets Respond to Social Unrest

What happens to stock markets when social unrest—such as mass protests and riots—occurs? Are investors scared-off by the disorder? Or are they buoyed by the prospect of positive, popular change in response to unrest? Our chart of the week, drawn from our recent IMF staff working paper, uses a new dataset of 156 social unrest events during 2011–20 to shed some Read More

Shiv Sena mocks Amit Shah on ‘Sholay’ posters, BJP warns of fitting respond

The strain within the dating between ruling allies Shiv Sena and BJP grew in addition nowadays with the Uddhav Thackeray-led party setting up posters mocking BJP president Amit Shah and placing afire the effigy of the party’s city unit leader Ashish Shelar in South Mumbai. Taking a stern view, BJP warned its belligerent best friend of giving a “becoming respond” Read More