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What the Best Phones of 2021 in India Say About the Smartphone Industry

From Apple to Samsung and OnePlus to Xiaomi, all major smartphone vendors brought new flagship offerings to India in 2021 to please customers looking for an upgrade. Some of the prominent options include the iPhone 13 series, the Samsung Galaxy S21 family, and the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro, among others. A list of new budget options also entered Read More

Low Interest Rate Regime On Home Loans To Continue, Say Realtors On RBI Policy

The Reserve Bank’s decision to keep key policy rates unchanged will lead to continuation of low interest rates on home loans and support ongoing recovery of housing demand, according to property developers and consultants. Welcoming the RBI policy, CREDAI President Harshvardhan Patodia said, the “RBI’s accommodative stance on keeping the repo and reverse repo rate unchanged is undoubtedly a progressive Read More

Researchers Say That Triclosan In Hand Sanitizers Can Cause Colon Problems

Most consumers believe that toothpaste and hand sanitizers were always safe to use, but a chemical in those products might actually be pretty harmful. The Problem With Too Much Triclosan A new study has revealed that triclosan can cause massive damage to the microbiomes located in the colon. Previously, scientists have known about some potential dangers from this substance. The findings were Read More

Cut down on salt to prevent kidney diseases at young age, say doctors

Cutting down on the intake of salt can go a long way in preventing kidney diseases at a young age, say health experts. Kidney failure is among the top five major causes of death in the country. There has been an increase in the number of patients in the age group of 25 to 30 seeking dialysis, which was not Read More

What does the evidence say about turmeric’s health benefits?

The “golden latte” — hot milk mixed with turmeric — is all the rage. But does it actually benefit your health or just taste nice? (Unsplash: Osha Key) You may have seen it popping up on cafe menus recently — the “golden latte”. It’s hot milk mixed with turmeric, coconut oil, maybe a bit of honey. Turmeric has been proclaimed Read More

Education, Not Condemnation, Key to End Gender Violence, Say Local Women Leaders

Sally Mboumien remembers the day she pressed a steaming hot stone against her chest. In Bawock, the rural community of western Cameroon where she grew up, young girls often had their young, sprouting breasts flattened with a hot iron or a hammer or spatulas that had been heated over burning coals. This was good for the girls because it would Read More

iPhone X Affected by Green Line on OLED Display, Some Users Say

HIGHLIGHTS Some iPhone X units develop green line across display The green line reportedly running from top to bottom, and is thick Apple replacing the affected units iPhone X, Apple’s first all-screen smartphone, is finally getting its share of issues and complaints. After unresponsive display issue in cold weather reported by some iPhone X users last week, the new smartphone has been reported to Read More

iPhone X Face ID Can Be Fooled by 3D-Printed Masks, Say Security Researchers

HIGHLIGHTS Scientists were able to fool iPhone X’s Face ID using 3D-printed mask The mask costed them just $150 According to the security firm, if exploited, Face ID can create problems Using a composite 3D-printed mask, a team of Vietnamese researchers claim to have fooled Apple’s Face IDauthentication system seen in the “super-premium” iPhone X, stressing that face recognition is “not mature Read More

Obesity, sedentary lifestyle causing arthritis among youngsters, say doctors

A young patient undergoes magnetic resonance for arthritis at a Bengaluru hospital. BENGALURU: Sivakumar Hwas in shock when he was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in the knee, thanks to his sedentary lifestyle. He was only in his mid-twenties. While climbing stairs became increasingly difficult, getting up from a sitting position became painful. Kaveri (name changed) was only 18 when she suffered acute pain Read More

Avoid Alzheimer’s with active lifestyle, say doctors

Usually, relatives don’t identify Alzheimer’s at earlier stages affects short-term memory.  Representational image CHENNAI: Alzheimer’s disease, a very common old age disease affects around four million people in India as per the latest dementia fact sheet released by the World Health Organisation. In spite of affecting a large population, no specific cure has been found for Alzheimer’s disease till date in Read More