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3 Secrets Behind Maximizing Advertising Spend

As a small business owner with big goals, you’re willing to spend money to make money. But you still make it a priority to spend smartly, so investing in something like advertising takes consideration. Once you make the decision to advertise, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best results for your money from your advertising spend. When your marketing Read More

5 Tax Deduction Secrets You Should Know Before Your Next Business Trip

Most small business owners travel out of town on business. Some do this frequently; others only occasionally. Either way, the cost can mount up. Certify reported that the average annual cost of a business trip in the U.S. is $949 for plane tickets, hotel fees, and other expenses. Being able to deduct travel costscan provide significant financial relief for a small business. However, Read More

8 well-kept secrets of Panchgani

the monsoon ends, it’s time you make a trip to the picture postcard hill station of Panchgani. While you’re there, ditch the touristy spots for these 8 experiences, which have rewards of their own. Read on… IMAGE: It’s here that serenity rules. All photographs: Anita Aikara/Rediff.com 1. Quaint homestays You don’t really need to splurge on an expensive hotel at Read More

Jennifer Lopez reveals her body secrets

Oh to have J Lo’s body. The 46-year-old sat down with news.com.au to explain how she does it. JENNIFER Lopez’s gravity-defying booty has been captivating us for decades. But when photos emerged last week of her rock hard abs in workout clothes we couldn’t look away. You’ve got to remember this lady is 46 and she’s had twins! So how Read More