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Android smartphones in US sending personal data to China: Report

Washington: US security firm Kryptowire has identified Android smartphones with a “backdoor” software in the country that collected sensitive personal data and transmitted this data to third-party servers in China without disclosure or the users’ consent. These devices were available through major US-based online retailers like Amazon and BestBuy and included popular smartphones such as BLU R1 HD devices, Kryptowire Read More

Google Pixel is expensive because its price is about sending a message

Recently when Google announced its “first” two phones the Pixel and the Pixel XL, it surprised a number of its fans with the pricing of the new devices. A lot of Android users, who like the stuff coming from Google because they have been on a Nexus phone, also associate the Google phones, or at least the phones that Google Read More

PCB faces complaint for sending 4 media managers for England tour

The selection by the Pakistan Cricket Board to ship four one of a kind men and women to England to paintings because the media managers of the countrywide crew has brought about criticism and raised questions over the economic and administrative affairs of the board. After looking to rope in foreign media specialists to work with the country wide team Read More