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“Sex dread” education could be on the rise under Trump. Dan Savage is ready to fight it.

Dan Savage at Tiffany & Co in New York, New York in 2016. Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Tiffany & Co. Dan Savage has a message for liberals in the age of Donald Trump and Mike Pence: “There is a strain of the left that is really invested in show trials and purity testing and virtue signaling,” he said. “And would rather Read More

9 foods that can improve your sex life

Certain foods are known to up your energy, get you racing and increase your blood flow at the right places. You would be surprised to know that basil increases sexual desire in men if they simply smell it! It also has anti-inflammatory properties that are known to reduce stress and increased blood flow to the organs. Let’s take a look Read More

Let’s Talk: Good news! You’re (probably) not a sex addict

Ever so often, when I nudge my partner in the wee hours of the morning trying to sneak in a quickie before we go about our day, I get called a ‘nympho’ (after which, he happily obliges – so who’s the real ‘nympho’ here?). “I think I’m officially a nymphomaniac,” girlfriends have confessed during lazy Sunday brunches – usually preceded Read More