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At WTO, India loses the ‘solar battle’ against US

In a set back to India, World Trade Organisation’s appellate body has upheld the rulings of a panel which had stated that the government’s power purchase agreements with solar firms were “inconsistent” with international norms. “The appellate body (of the WTO) upheld each of these panel conclusions appealed by India,” the WTO said in a statement. In April, India had Read More

Temperatures dropped during March 2015 solar eclipse: Research

A study revealed that the temperature of the Earth dropped during the 2015 solar eclipse, Britain’s Met office has said. The Met Office on Monday said it was the first time that satellites had been used to monitor surface “skin” temperatures during a total solar eclipse, Xinhua news agency reported. The research showed the eclipse on March 20, 2015 resulted Read More

Telephone app makes solar panels more effective

A Telephone app which can assist integrated the efficiency of solar cells through up to 40 built-in keepbuiltintegrated cent has been advanced through a young researcher built-in Canada and is beintegratedg used in more than one hundred thirty countries. The Virtually solar app enables built-in when solar panels are built-inintegrated the only course and works built-inthe use of a built-inaggregate Read More