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5 Reasons to Move to St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

If you’re planning to move to a city in Canada, one possible choice is St. Thomas, Ontario. Located north of Lake Erie and in southern Ontario, St. Thomas is an energetic city with a population of only a little over 40,000 residents. Its location and the relatively uncongested area isn’t all that’s attractive about St. Thomas. Here are more compelling Read More

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St. Charles students IGNITE passion for technology

Tyson Rousseau, Bradlee Renton and Erich Zappel created a path which their Sphere-O bot follows based on the math and speed analysis the students have developed on their iPad, during the recent IGNITE Technology Fair that took place at St. Charles College last Thursday. Photo supplied St. Charles College students participated in IGNITE, the first annual technology fair, last Thursday. Read More