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Startups now chasing chief business officers to scale up

BENGALURU: There is a new leadership profile in demand: chief business officers. If headhunters and venture capitalists are to be believed, startups are now hiring more CBOs than chief operating officers and chief marketing officers, and they predict 40-50% increase in hiring for this relatively new role across startups. So, what does a CBO do? In the case of a new-age company that Read More

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How tech startups are changing the way your ‘read’ books

 BENGALURU: Tech startups are tying up with brick-and-mortar publishing houses to use augmented and virtual reality to bring textbooks and lessons to life. Ever sat through a class where the teacher droned on about the Great Barrier Reef, while you wished you could be transported to its colourful corals that are home to countless sea creatures? Or maybe drifted off Read More