3 Tips to Ensure Wilderness Safety

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It is pretty exciting to explore the great outdoors; the welcoming and enticing aroma of the toasted marshmallows, campfire, and devoting time to commune peacefully with nature. You would love the experience. Camping could be fun but you simply cannot ignore the prospect of some dangers involved while in the wilderness. However, the best part is most of the dangers could actually be taken care of or avoided with appropriate preparation and education. You could easily prevent mishaps provided you prepare appropriately and adequately for the trip. Sound knowledge about the terrain, weather, area, your physical limitations, and a wee bit of common sense would go a long way in ensuring an enjoyable and safe trip.

Check the Weather Forecast: The weather is always considered to be quite fickle. You may have started in bright and sunny weather but it may change dramatically without any rhyme or reason. So, it is best to check the weather forecast before you set out for the wilderness. Depending on the forecast you could get proper rain gear if there are chances of rainfall or get gloves and proper warm clothes if the weather is forecasted to be getting much colder.

Always Travel with Someone: You must consider traveling with a companion and never alone if you are exploring the outdoors and wish to keep dangers at bay. In times of an emergency, you need to have a companion by your side. It is better to go in a group of at least four if you are planning to go to a remote area. In case of an injury, one guy can stay with the injured person while the other two guys could go looking for some help and rescue if the situation demands it. If you are planning to explore the unknown and unfamiliar territory, you may take someone with you who has a fair knowledge about the terrain and the people. In case an area seems to be closed, stay away. No need to venture out. Find out details regarding your nearest ranger station or telephone. This could be a pretty exciting adventure but nothing could match the spirits of the Monmouth Park horse racing that takes place in Oceanport, New Jersey for absolutely thoroughbred horse racing.

Be in Top Condition: You need to be fit and in excellent physical condition. A group trip needs to be designed as per the requirements of the weakest team member. If you have certain medical issues, it is better to consult your physician and seek his approval before stepping out. You must have the necessary skills for a hiking or a camping adventure. You must learn to erect a nice & temporary shelter, read a compass accurately, or give effective first aid. Keep practicing your skills well in advance and get into a fantastic physical condition.


You must follow all the above-mentioned safety tips while you are out in the wilds. Moreover, suppose you are lost in the jungle, stay put and do not lose your calm. It would be easier for the rescuers to track a person who is waiting at one place and not moving constantly. Carry your cellphone so that you could call for help if you seem to be within range. It would also let the rescue teams utilize your phone signals in tracking you.

Author Bio: Paul Simons is a wildlife photographer and a wildlife enthusiast. He travels extensively because of the nature of his job. He is adventurous and daring at heart but never fails to take precautions or follow safety tips.