5 Handy Items to Keep In a Vehicle

Every vehicle should have an emergency pack within the trunk. However, there are a few items that can truly save the day that usually aren’t found in an emergency pack. These items are easy to find, affordable, and worth their weight in gold when they are needed.


For people who live in regions that have cold winters, blankets are an important emergency item. Most kits do not include them, aside from thin foil or fleece blankets. These simply won’t be warm enough if a vehicle becomes stuck in a snowstorm. Keep two blankets in the car at all times, and many more when traveling during the winter months.

Lock Picks

For most people, their cars go wherever they go. Should something happen to a key (such as a house or shed key) a lock picking toolkit will save the day. In addition, the individual will avoid locksmith fees.

Baby Wipes

For people who are not yet parents, baby wipes might seem like an odd item to keep on hand. However, baby wipes are incredibly handy, gentle, non-toxic, and cheap. They can be used to clean the car, clean gasoline off of hands, or clean food off of clothing or faces. They are also far cheaper than the leading cleaning or convenience wipes.

Waterless Toothbrushes

A waterless toothbrush is usually a single-use plastic item. On mornings when individuals are in a rush to work or school and forget to brush their teeth, these little toothbrushes can eliminate bad breath. While it might be a rare occurence, it’s better to be safe rather than sorry.

Lint Rollers

Lint rollers are a must-have for many pet owners, with most keeping at least one roll in their vehicles. They are great for freshening up right before walking into the workplace. Some are even scented, adding a fresh smell to clothes.

Typical car emergency kits generally don’t include these items, as most of them are not true emergency items; in the case of blankets, they are usually too bulky and expensive for inclusion.