5 Simple Tricks to Enhance Your Look in an Anarkali Suit

You know you are a hardcore Bollywood fan when you try to imitate your favourite star in terms of their mannerisms, habits and style of talking especially the dressing style. Whether it is a film or an award function, there is one outfit which is worn by all leading B-town actresses and is gaining all the spotlight. It is the Anarkali suit – The ethnic outfit that does total justice to every woman’s fast life. Anarkali suits are here to stay as the leading fashion designers are constantly innovating and creating new styles of Anarkali suits which make our Bollywood ladies look so glamourous both on-screen and off-screen.

Anarkali suits

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It wouldn’t be wrong to conclude that Anarkali suits will never go out of fashion. Surprised? Here are 4 reasons why –

#1 A hot favourite among all the ethnic outfits

Anarkali suits

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Anarkali suits made a comeback almost a decade ago now. Even today, this outfit is seen on ramps, designer outlets and online shopping stores.

#2 Appeals to women of every age and body type

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Anarkali suits are the top choice of a woman irrespective of her age. The outfit has the versatility and looks great at traditional events. Whether it is a religious event, a pre-wedding event or a family dinner, Anarkali suits are preferred the most. Anarkali suits can make a woman look really stylish no matter how her body type is. Whether she is skinny or healthy, Anarkali suits are available in a wide variety of cuts, styles and flares that do the trick.

#3 Airy and practical

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The beauty of an anarkali suit is that no matter how heavy it looks, it is still a very breathable outfit especially during summers. If you are attending a casual event, avoid wearing a heavy anarkali suit and switch to a salwar suit with minimum flare. You can look gorgeous without adding much weight to your look. Salwar suits with flare look quite similar to an anarkali suit.

#4 The noteworthy elements

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What makes your anarkali or salwar suit so amazing? It is the style of your neckline, the intricate work on the neck/sleeves or the dupatta and a designer dupatta that steal the show.