CBSE Class 10 Math Preparation Tips

Class 10 is undoubtedly the most relevant of the formal education. But have you ever wondered what makes it so special? It marks the onset of adulthood and at this age one undergoes turbulent psychological and hormonal changes. The class 10 board exams is the first national level exam a school grader appears. Hence, the 10th board results are pretty much the biggest thing that happen to kids of that age. As excited they are for their 16th birthday, they are just as scared for their first national level board exam.

The class 10 CBSE Math is an important subject and fairly easy from scoring point of view. In Spite of this, many students struggle with the subject. Constant practise and thorough understanding of concepts are crucial aspects to tackle this subject effectively.

Keeping this in mind, let us look at a few strategies listed below to study this subject effectively.

Math is Cumulative

One enters the world of math as they learn to count numbers. Everything that you learn in a math class is built upon the topics that you have learnt in previous classes. Most of the things that you learn in high school will be an accumulated knowledge for years thereafter. So the trick is to stay on top of your work and build a strong foundation. Falling behind in earlier years implies that you are already on a shaky foundation of your later studies.  A class 10 student can refresh on the concepts taught in class 9 by referring to myriads of resources available. One of the best resource right now in market is the RD Sharma class 9 solutions. The detailed step wise solutions helps you understand concepts clearly.

Math is not a Spectator Sport

You won’t get far by just watching the teacher give lectures or buying a huge stack of books. You need to listen to the lectures carefully, understand and practise constantly.

To actively get involved in the learning process you have listen the class lectures carefully and take down good notes, diligently practise the assignment questions. Even if no homework is assigned make sure to refer other resources and practise problems. One of the best resources available right now for class 10 students is the RD Sharma class 10 solutions. These provide well thought out solutions that help you to understand concepts clearly.


These tips if followed sincerely, you can easily attain good marks in the exam. Find more resources from in-depth articles on mathematical concepts to exhaustive exercises that test your conceptual understanding only on RD Sharma Solutions website.