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The Google Play Store has been the official apps market for Android and it further serves as an important application without which life would be hard for Android device users. However, with an aim to make the Google Play Store more user-friendly and informative, Google has been on a quest to add new features to the app. As such, a new version of Google Play Store which has been labeled as 7.1.16.I-all is now available for the Android users. Subsequently, it is not a beta release and therefore should automatically reach the user’s Android devices. SEE ALSO: 5 Most Common Google Play Store Errors And How To Fix Them [Tutorial] As we spot new improvements in the app, here are 5 new features of the Play Store that make it more stable and smoother. Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates! Improved Spam Detection and Fraud System To cut down fake apps and installs, Google has enhanced its filtering and spam detection system. The new system will stop developers from publicizing their apps in a fraudulent manner. In addition, the system will effectively detect and filter canny attempts to provide fake reviews and paid ratings. The developers who continue their manipulative behavior will be barred and their app will be taken down from the store. Pre-registration for Upcoming Apps App developers now have the option to let users pre-register for their apps before they are launched. This will help users to get an alert about when an Android app is being released in the Google Play Store. As such, this setup will help both consumers and app publishers. Users can always stay informed about when new apps are being launched, while publishers can analyze how much interest their apps have gained before they are released. Pre-registration is free for Android customers. Early Access Another feature is Early Access, which allows Android developers to effectively reach out to early adopters who are willing to try their app in the beta stage, ahead of its official launch. Through the “Early Access” section on the Google Play Store, users can test interesting new applications and provide feedback on the same. SEE ALSO: 10 Fixes to Resolve Google Play Store Crashes Improved Search Experience Google has introduced new app categories and has renamed a few existing ones to improve the overall search experience for the users. Users can now see new categories on Google Play Store which are Art and Design, Auto and Vehicles, Beauty, Dating, Events, Food and Drink, House and Home, and Parenting. Likewise, the ‘Transportation’ category has been renamed to ‘Maps and Navigation’, while the ‘Media and Video’ category has been named ‘Video Players and Editors.’ Introductory Prices for Subscription Apps Focusing the features more on the subscription business, Google through its Play Store will allow developers to offer an introductory pricing for subscription apps for a set amount and length of time. The initial pricing will help developers gain more subscribers and grow subscription business. More importantly, users can make use of the app at a discounted price before paying the full amount for it.