Have you been applying sunscreen the proper way? Find out

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It has been established that sunscreen is a non-negotiable, intrinsic part of skincare routine, regardless of the weather outside, the season, or even if you have no plans to step out in the sun.

Many people understand this and have even befriended their sunscreen. But, the next important question that arises is whether they know how to properly apply the lotion on their face.

Mostly, people take a pinch of this wonder lotion and wear it on their face; sometimes they miss out key areas like behind the ears, and the skin on the neck. Dr Su, a dermatologist, took to Instagram to share the correct manner in which sunscreens should be applied.

The dermat showed that most people take a little bit of sunscreen on their fingertips and then rub them on their face, assuming that the purpose is served. But, this is an incorrect method.

Instead, you ought to take a generous quantity, a dollop of the lotion on your index and middle fingers, and apply it evenly to cover the entire, like a face pack or a face mask (as demonstrated in the video).