it’s an honour prolonged to at least one.25 billion human beings: Modi

high Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday stated India and the us need to come nearer and turn out to be more potent, and through their shared values do some thing for the gain of the arena.

“I apprehend, we can join collectively, wherein the usa and India, massive democracies, can do a lot collectively for the arena. this is the dedication that i’ve been feeling, and i’d continually need India and america come collectively, come closer, emerge as more potent and through their shared values do something for the advantage of the arena,” stated the PM, at the same time as addressing a Congressional reception jointly hosted by way of foreign relations Committee (residence and Senate) and India Caucus (house and Senate) at Cannon Caucus Room at the Cannon house workplace constructing in Washington, DC.

Expressing his gratitude for hosting him together, the high minister said, “i am deeply thankful which you have given me the honor of getting or web hosting me collectively, having this reception of each houses collectively.”

“I see quite a few acquainted faces right here and if I had extra time, i’d take out time to speak to you, however i’m on a tour of 5 international locations so that you can recognize the time is particularly restricted,” he stated.

talking approximately his address to the Congress, Modi stated: “allow me simply say that, once I addressed the Congress today, I touched upon all issues which are critical to us.”

photograph: prime Minister Narendra Modi for the duration of the dinner party lunch host by way of house Speaker Paul D. Ryan at Capitol Hill in Washington on Wednesday. image: PTI picture
“I had the opportunity to deal with the Congress, which I assume was a massive honour. however it’s now not only a non-public honour for me, it is no longer an honour for the high minister of a country, it’s an honour extended to 1.25 billion human beings representing a rustic with an age antique lifestyle, with a profound respect for humanity and that believes within the philosophy of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, which means the ‘world is one own family’. and that i think it’s far an honour that has been extended to all and sundry to this historic us of a, to this ancient tradition that i’m deeply thankful for,” he introduced.

speaking approximately his reception in the US, the prime minister said, “every time i have come here, i have had opportunities to satisfy senators, Congressmen, and they usually acquired me with plenty of affection and spoken to me very brazenly.”

“I met your Congressmen and governors, and this I feel an opportunity to take our relationship past diplomacy. It’s going a ways beyond, it’s going a ways above that. it’s miles, as I understand, we can be part of collectively in which america and India, huge democracies, can do lots together for the arena,” he introduced.

“i’ve always felt that there was a lot of interest within the usa. human beings want to recognize what do they do, how do they assume, and this has been there for a long term,” he stated, adding, “Then we proceeded to a segment, where the us started expertise India, where they understood that we’ve got a variety of shared values and those values can bring us nearer and sell our courting.”

“Then we proceeded to a segment, wherein we began considering what we are able to do for every different, how we are able to assist every other, and we commenced thinking of what am i able to try this gain the opposite us of a. And on this way we began coming closer, stated the high minister.

“but now,” he said, “we have transitioned into a new technology, wherein we don’t think that what we will get from the united states, what can the usa get from us, we have gone way beyond that now.”

“proper now, what we are considering is how the united states and India paintings together to gain the world can. you have international problems like weather change, global warming, poverty, fitness issues; collectively we will locate answers for the arena. We must use our skills, our intelligence, our resources, and with dedication we need to go forward,” brought Modi.

The high minister concluded: “I suppose my journey this time, my day visit to america has simplest reinforced the dedication and with that I would love you thanks very a good deal once again. thank you.”