How the Abuse of Prescription Drugs is Increasing?

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Drug abuse is increasing around the country and this is a very dangerous proposition. The increase in addiction rates means that the people are becoming essentially useless to the future of our country. Addicts are becoming more complacent about drug use especially parents as youngsters are becoming more and more involved in drug abuse. Addicts become lazy and most often quit their job and become a burden on their family and friends and their country as well. Moreover, addicts can also become violent and this is a common case as drug-fueled cases of domestic violence and altercations are very common. Each year drugs cause a lot of deaths among innocents due to driving under the influence and robberies gone wrong. One of the factors behind this sudden rise is the fact that people are abusing more kinds of substances now than ever before. One of the main drugs among these new substances is prescription drugs. As medical science improved conditions like depression and other such mental disorders started to get treated through medicine instead of only counseling


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As the number of people who are prescribed at least one medicine that is to be taken frequently has risen the chances of a person inadvertently or knowingly abusing these drugs has also increased. These prescription drugs are abused in several ways. The addicts keep on taking the drugs even after the time for which the doctor prescribed them the drug. This is often done due to ignorance as the patients believe that even after their prescription time, they will continue to get the benefit from the drug. This is a wrong precedent as doctors often only prescribe drugs that will help the patient and the doctor’s advice should be taken at all points to avoid any sort of side effects and remove the chance of addiction. Some drugs are required to be permanent prescriptions this means that the patient has to take the prescribed drugs for the foreseeable future. If faced with such a prescription it is prudent to get a second opinion. In such a case extra care must be taken as slowly but surely a person’s body develops some sort of resistance to the drug. In this case, the dosage has to be increased but such an increase should never be done without a doctor’s prescription as if the dosage is not managed properly then either the disease can raise its head and do damage to the patient or the dose can be too much, and the patient can overdose.


On the other hand, are the people who are abusing the drugs that are prescribed to others around them. This is most likely the case for youngsters who begin their addiction by abusing drugs used by their parents or other members of their household. This should be avoided as addiction at an early age is often very hard to counter. Another way that people abuse prescription drugs is by forging the prescription that is given by doctor so that they can easily get the drugs from a drug store instead of going through illegal channels which are often alternatives in this case especially for drugs that are hard to get or are not allowed for use in the country.


Some of the common drugs that are abused are opioids, anti-anxiety medication, and stimulants. Some more widely known examples of these drugs are Oxycontin, Xanax, Valium, or amphetamines like Adderall, etc. These are prescribed to treat conditions like pain, anxiety, and sleep disorders, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Strong action must be taken to counter the people who abuse these drugs and the people who allow such abuses, and only then can we reduce the number of people who are involved in addiction.