Jalapeño Popper Dogs Are Like Nothing You’ve Seen Before

When I first read about the idea of a Jalapeño Popper Dog, I wasn’t sure how to feel. Don’t get me wrong: I love hot dogs, but I wasn’t sure if stuffing one inside of hollowed out jalapeños was going a little too far. But that’s exactly the point. Dan Whalen, blogger of The Food In My Beard, likes to push the limits. Earlier this week, we published his controversial S’mores Burger, which had half of our readers wanting to vomit and the other half (who know the power of a sweet ‘n savory dish) very intrigued.

These hot dogs are creating another division: Half the Delish team was dying over the idea (“How have I never thought of this?!”), while several others were mildly disturbed at how, well, phallic they look. My response? Get over it, guys! This s*it is legit.

You hollow out the jalapeños — the trick is to find ones big enough to fit a hot dog! — which obviously deseeds them, too, if can’t handle the heat. Then you halve the dogs lengthwise and add a layer of cheddar — then you stuff the dogs inside two peppers. Once they’re nice and charred on the grill, you top with mustard.

If you like jalapeño poppers, you will get super down with these.