How To Keep Your Office Clean

Your employees spend upwards of 40 hours a week in their various cubicles and offices. It is not only reasonable for your employees to expect a relatively clean space to work in, but also beneficial for your bottom line. A number of studies have found that cleanliness directly correlates to productivity. The cleaner your office is, generally the more productive your employees will be. Keeping a clean office is harder than it might seem, here are some helpful steps to move in that direction.

Equip Your Custodians

Custodial staff is the front line against a messy office. Without their regular interference, your office space would be much dirtier than it is today. If you are directly in charge of your custodians make sure that they have the best supplies possible. From the simple things, like wiping rags and mops, to a reasonably high-quality selection of cleaning solutions.

Own Your Office

If your custodians are on the front line, you and your employees are the support staff in the war against a messy office. One of the best ways to keep an office clean is to help your employees take ownership of the space. If your employees don’t feel like they belong, they will be much less likely to clean out the microwave after they have warmed up last night’s chili without a cover.

Consider Your Desk

Cleanliness isn’t limited to the kitchen. An employee’s desk also can inhibit their workflow. Be careful here, as every person works better in a slightly different environment, but equip your team to have a clean space to work. Consider investing in desk organization shelves, trays, and baskets. You can also consider storage options for paperwork.

Cleaning up the office is more about habits than a spring-cleaning, but instilling these habits can increase job satisfaction for your employees and the bottom line for your shareholders.